Our Beginning

Litman Gregory was co-founded by Ken Gregory and Craig Litman in 1987. The two crossed paths in a post-graduate tax course at Golden Gate University in San Francisco and bonded over their mutual frustration with the then-typical business model of the financial industry. Both recognized that a better model for managing client assets was one that aligned business interests with clients by charging a fee based on assets rather than on transactions and products.

Craig and Ken Litman Gregory Co-Founderseach brought their areas of specialty to the partnership — Craig on the client side, and Ken on the research side. Their unique combination of skills resulted in the successful investment management firm that is known today for the strength of its independent research as well as for its commitment to serving the needs of individual clients, endowments, and foundations.

Drivers of Our Success

The success of our firm is a direct result of both our culture and our team of highly skilled professionals that share our values. Our core values and principles guide every decision we make on behalf of our clients and for our business.

Core Values

Excellence. Deliver superior services and products.

Integrity. Adhere to the highest standards of fairness, honesty, and independent thinking.

Expertise. Apply specialized knowledge, skill, and ability.

Passion. Demonstrate tremendous enthusiasm and drive.

Core Principles

Clients first. We believe our success will be a result of putting the interests of our clients first.

Disciplined and rational decision making. We pursue excellence with respect to long-term investment returns by making rational decisions that are supported by thorough, fundamental research.

Independent and creative thinking. Thinking outside the box is an important part of our performance edge. By thinking creatively, we have identified what we believe to be uniquely superior investment alternatives.


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