Our Disciplined Investment Approach

Our primary objective is to grow and protect your long-term assets while supporting your ongoing financial needs. We believe that intensive research and a disciplined process are critical to that investment success.

Widely respected for our global tactical asset allocation expertise and our consistent ability to find talented investment managers, we currently serve as a key research resource for more than 4,000 advisors and institutions in addition to our many individuals, families, endowments, and foundation clients. Our in-house investment research team guides our investment decisions through whatever the global investment environment brings.

Our robust investment expertise allows us to tailor a full suite of solutions to meet your objectives

An investment platform that enables you to own stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, private investments (funds and equity), and alternative investments

Active strategies that seek to take advantage of market inefficiencies

Index-based strategies that combine the cost benefits of indexing with the added return potential of active management

Alternative strategies, including private real estate and hedge funds

Our investment beliefs provide the foundation for each of our investment solutions

❯❯ Global Perspective. We invest across a globally diverse set of asset classes in order to uncover the most attractive investment opportunities.

❯❯ Long-Term Approach. A long-term approach allows us to take advantage of temporarily mispriced investments and helps ensure that fundamentals, rather than fear or greed, dictate investment decisions.

❯❯ Forward-Looking Analysis. History provides a valuable frame of reference but does not always apply to the current environment. We seek to learn how the world is evolving and incorporate our opinions about these changes into our assessment of risk and investment allocations.

❯❯ Discipline and Conviction. We set the bar high in assessing investment opportunities, and we have the discipline and conviction to act on an opportunity we find compelling. We believe that investors who lack the courage to act on their convictions are destined for mediocrity.

❯❯ Innovative Thinking. Our willingness to think outside the box allows us to identify unusually compelling investment opportunities. This has been an important part of our competitive edge and our long-term success.

❯❯ Broad Access to Talent: “Manager of the Managers.” Our reputation in the investment community provides us with unique access to investment talent from outside firms, via mutual funds and private investment vehicles, allowing us to incorporate a high level of expertise in a variety of asset classes that would otherwise not be available from a single firm. We are continuously evaluating the managers we’ve selected in order to ensure our clients are benefiting from the best talent available.