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Frequently Asked Questions

If I decide to become a client, what happens next?

If you’ve reached this point, it means you have already met some or all of the people who would be working on your team. Once you hire us, we’ll start with an official kickoff meeting. We’ll ask you a lot of questions and listen carefully before suggesting a plan that thoughtfully considers your goals and objectives.

How is Litman Gregory paid?

As an independent registered investment advisor, we have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our clients. This means we earn a fee for managing your assets, not for investing in particular investments. This ensures that many conflicts of interest are eliminated in that every investment vehicle we select for your portfolio is based on your needs, not because it’s on a list we are compensated for recommending. Our fees are based on assets under management and typically range from 0.3% to 1.0%. Our fee percentage decreases as the asset level increases. If you would like an estimate for your portfolio, please contact us.

Do you provide custodial services?

No, we do not provide custodial services to our clients. Instead, we utilize the custodial services offered by Charles Schwab & Company and Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC to custody the majority of our clients’ assets. We provide our investment services through a Limited Power of Attorney arrangement. Importantly, this arms-length relationship provides an additional layer of security and service to our clients.

Who owns Litman Gregory?

The firm is owned and operated by its principals. For employees who are not principals, we have established a profit-sharing pool which provides generous incentives to long-term employees.

How large is Litman Gregory?

We currently have 14 principals and about 50 employees, with over $7 billion in assets.

What is your client mix? Do you work mostly with individuals or organizations?

The majority of our clients are individuals and families, and our original business model was based on serving these clients. However, as our business has grown, our investment management client base has expanded to include tax-exempt organizations that are more institutional in nature (e.g., foundations, endowments, and corporate retirement plans). Approximately one third of our current clients are considered institutional. We have found our investment philosophy and approach to be especially appropriate for non-profit organizations as we combine the role of an investment consultant and an investment manager to provide a holistic approach to managing risk and meeting return objectives. Our relationships are all-inclusive as we maintain discretion (within reason) for investment decisions, and, ultimately, investment performance.

How can I be sure my Litman Gregory team will support me through my investment lifetime?

We believe our employee-centric focus benefits our clients by attracting and retaining exceptional staff. Some of the ways in which we ensure we have what it takes to provide you with a lengthy, successful relationship are:

  • restricting the number of clients managed by each of our investment advisors (to well-below industry norms)
  • offering ownership opportunities and clear career paths to limit team turnover
  • earning our fees based on assets under management rather than on commissions
  • providing transparency in each and every investment and business decision we make
  • encouraging and supporting a healthy balance in work and life