New Year Wishes & Reflections

December 21, 2018

In the following blog post, Alice Lowenstein, Managing Director and Principal with Litman Gregoryreflects back to our clients on the inspiration we get from working with them to achieve their unique definitions of financial peace of mind 


To our clients: 

As the Managing Director, I oversee our Wealth Management business, which is quite a broad and varied role but one that boils down to a single essential responsibility: our clients’ success. 

Really that’s everyone’s core job at Litman Gregory. It was Ken and Craig’s job when they founded the firm more than 30 years ago and it’s equally true for us today.  

Indeed, one of the things I love about my work is I see this dedication to our clients every day, in big and small ways:  

  • In the fact that we strive to always excel in what we do while also maintaining a spirit of ongoing improvement to meet our clients’ changing needs. 
  • In the get-it-done passion of our teams. 
  • And in the energetic problem-solving, the long hours, and the personal investment in always doing the right thing for our clients.  

What keeps us going—what inspires us—is you, our clients. What you do and what we have the privilege to work with you to accomplish. Here are just a few examples: 

  • You come to us after working hard, very hard to start a business that has not only meant success for your family but has also offered rewarding professional opportunities for many families in your community. 
  • You engage with us to plan and save for what is meaningful, such as sharing your love of travel over generations through your family tradition of taking each grandchild on the trip of his or her choice when they reach age 15.  
  • We see your philanthropy through your volunteer service on a nonprofit board’s investment committee where we join you as a fiduciary in supporting the organization’s mission. 
  • We’ve undertaken numerous financial projections and detailed planning to help you reach your decision to retire and spend more time with family and also consider a career transition into teaching.
  • We’ve worked with you through complex transactions that ultimately enabled your daughter to buy her first home. 
  • And we’ve been honored to be a guide and sounding board through generations, starting with Craig or Ken as your advisor and now working with our next generation of advisors who are building relationships with your grandchildren. 

These are our clients’ stories—and our inspiration. We thank you for sharing them and we commit that as your partner we will do everything possible to provide peace of mind and the ability to achieve the things that matter.   

On behalf of everyone at Litman Gregory, we wish you a joyous New Year, and send our sincere thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to serve you.


From left: Lesley Cannan, Craig Keller, Chris Wheaton, Jennifer Law, Monica Muñoz, Cristina Rosales, John Baxman, Alice Lowenstein, Danny Miladinovich, Gretchen Hollstein, Dave Henry
Not pictured: Meredith Shuey Etherington, Michele Dunevent, Josh Fredricks