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Intensive Research and Intellectual Honesty

We believe that intensive research, intellectual honesty, and discipline are critical to your investment success. We are committed to rigorous analysis and engage in spirited internal debate to avoid group-think. We’ve earned respect and influence among many investment professionals, and our investment research supports the decisions of more than 1,000 unaffiliated financial professionals in asset allocation, manager selection, portfolio construction, and portfolio management. The portfolios we offer make use of an array of active and passive strategies, as well as non-traditional and private alternative investments.
We can’t know what the markets hold in store in the near term. Nobody can. But being intellectually honest in our process, and challenging ourselves to acknowledge what we can and can’t know, ensures that we can better prepare our clients for a number of outcomes. Our commitment to scenario planning allows us to craft a plan that positions you appropriately for a range of market environments at all points of the economic cycle.

Our investment expertise and services include:

  • Asset allocation and diversification
  • Manager and index investment research
  • Alternative investment strategies and private investment vehicles
  • Use of socially responsible or ESG focused investments
  • Tax managed portfolios and tax-optimized strategies
  • Rebalancing strategies
  • Global asset allocation
  • Outcome-oriented investment portfolio construction
  • Cash flow planning and management

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