About Us

Our Story

You could say we’re obsessed with wealth management, but it’s really your financial success that drives us. Our approach is focused and customized – we combine our planning and investment expertise, with an intellectual honesty that demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals.


Our experienced advisor team has over 20 years of experience in financial planning and investment management, with numerous areas of expertise and industry designations (CFA, CFP®, CPA, etc.). They work in tandem with our dedicated iMGP investment research team, with two decades in the investment industry. This combination of professionals, coupled with our client-first service focus, enables us to be both proactive in coordinating our client’s complex financial situations and responsive to day-to-day needs.

To serve clients and our employees for years to come, we have put in place the capital, leadership and client advisor teams to last and grow another 30 years and beyond. We are proud to create multi-decade relationships with our clients and their families and honor the trust those relationships are built upon. Knowing we are taking care of the financial future for generations means we are always looking out for our clients’ best interest.

Our Mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients by professionally dedicating ourselves to their financial well-being.

Our Core Values


We adhere to the highest standards of fairness, honesty, and independent thinking. We do what is right and ethical no matter what.


We strive to excel in everything we do. We bring our best effort, expertise, experience, creativity, and intellectual vigor so that we deliver on our mission.


We demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication, and drive. We approach everything with energy, confidence, and a positive attitude.


We have the courage to act on our values and convictions when they are tested. We speak up when necessary, and hold ourselves accountable. We make rational decisions and commit to them without allowing ego or fear to hold us back.

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