Personal Wealth Management

Lasting financial success that spans generations requires access to an array of wealth management services. Our integrated approach begins by learning everything that pertains to your specific financial situation, and at a broader level, understanding the things that matter most to you.
Once we build a deep and rounded understanding of the future you want for yourself and your family, we draw on the breadth of our financial planning expertise to build a strategy that gets you there.

Our wealth planning expertise includes:

  • Financial Scenario Planning
  • Specific Goal Planning
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Estate and Legacy Plans
  • Charitable and Philanthropic Gifting
  • Risk Management

Your Customized Investment Strategy

over-30-yearsInvestment management is central to how we help you achieve financial independence and peace of mind. Together, we will create an overarching strategy and build an appropriate asset allocation based on your risk tolerance and long-term objectives. First, we need to understand what you need from your portfolio to support your financial goals and how comfortable you are with investment risk. Then we’ll dig into loss and volatility thresholds, investment preferences, opportunities for private investments, preferences for values-based investing, and more.

Once we have an appropriate investment plan for you, we create an Investment Policy Statement, with an outline of expectations and guidelines for managing the portfolio, that lays a foundation for success.

Communicating Early and Often

As a client, we meet with you regularly to review your plan and progress, revisit and reaffirm your goals and financial situation, and discuss any necessary adjustments to your portfolio and broader integrated financial plan.  In the meantime, we will review your investments regularly and you will receive quarterly reporting about your portfolio, along with other communications with our thoughts on market-relevant news. Our promise is that we will always communicate honestly. You are hiring us to give you our advice, and we take that seriously.  We enjoy providing as much information and education as you would like, while also letting you sleep at night knowing that we’ve got your investment decisions covered.

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