A Wealth Management Firm
Obsessed with Your Your Family's Your Nonprofit's
Financial Well-Being

Litman Gregory is a nationally recognized boutique wealth management firm that has been helping clients reach their financial goals for more than three decades.

Individuals & Families

Achieving financial peace of mind and the legacy you want to create takes more than commitment on your part—it requires a highly skilled partner to help you envision the future and guide your strategic planning along the way. As your advisor, we bring a full range of wealth planning strategies and deep knowledge of investments to help you attain financial success.

Endowments & Foundations

As your Fiduciary Partner, we want to understand your organization’s vision and support its success. Serving as the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, we create and implement the investment policy your organization needs to deliver on its mission. We work with you to meet long-term objectives, understand fundraising goals, analyze spending policies, and provide the continuity of a single dedicated partner to help guide today’s members of your organization and those who will join your cause in the years ahead.

The Client Experience

Your peace of mind comes from the absolute confidence that every member of the Litman Gregory team shares a singular and overriding commitment to your financial well-being.

In addition to applying our investment expertise, we partner with our clients to help plan the entire scope of their finances and deliver an exceptional client experience – these are key to both our clients’ success and our own.

What makes us unique?

Planning & Investment Expertise

  • 30+ year history of strategic and scenario planning, which leads to a thorough and creative wealth planning process 
  • Experienced and credentialed advisory team, bringing the knowledge that comes from decades of hands-on wealth management experience
  • Dedicated and nationally-recognized investment team, constructing portfolios based on in-depth, fundamental investment research and a consistent discipline

Personal Wealth Management

Intellectual Honesty

  • Realistic and pragmatic planning for your future, and accute awareness of biases that can lead to poor decisions
  • Advice-driven client relationships based on transparency and candid communication
  • Discipline to focus on what is known versus unknown, to avoid group-think and form out-of-consensus investment and planning ideas

Investment Solutions

Responsibility is in our DNA

  • Philosophy of hiring only people who embrace our values and will put our clients’ best interests ahead of their own
  • Commitment to long-term independence to ensure our strong client focus will never change
  • Belief that a singular and unceasing focus on the care of our clients will lead to our own success (and it has)

Our Team

We believe clients are best served by advice-driven relationships based on candid communication and well-crafted financial planning.