Jack Chee
Managing Director - CIO Asset Management US

Jack joined Litman Gregory in 2000 and iM Global Partner in 2021 following the acquisition of Litman Gregory Asset Management. Until September 2023, Jack was the Director, Head of Fixed-Income strategies. His primary research responsibilities included portfolio oversight and analysis of the fixed-income markets, creation of model portfolios for turnkey asset management platforms, and selection and oversight of equity and fixed-income investment managers and sub-advisors to the iMGP mutual funds. Prior to his time at Litman Gregory Jack was an analyst with Value Line. He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.


  • Fixed-Income Asset Class Analysis
  • Manager Due Diligence

Achievements & Credentials

  • Drexel University (B.S., Mechanical Engineering)

Personal Obsessions

  • Continue to improve my guitar and vocal skills
  • Enjoys learning to speak foreign languages.
  • Photography (though I don’t do it enough)


Jack.Chee@lgam.com | Connect on LinkedIn

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