Endowments & Foundations

The Power of a Fiduciary Partner

In addition to supporting the actual mission of their organizations, board and committee members of nonprofits face a bewildering cloud of concerns, such as asset allocation, spending rates, portfolio risk, board and committee turnover, fiduciary compliance, mission-aligned investing, and cost efficiency, to name a few.
Our team has more than 20 years experience working with endowments and foundations and we serve on nonprofit boards ourselves, so we understand these concerns. To help meet these challenges, we serve as Fiduciary Partners to our nonprofit clients. That means two things. First, we oversee all aspects of investment portfolios for nonprofits, acting as Outsourced Chief Investment Officer. Second, we provide continuous advice to board members on all the other issues that can impact an organization’s success through what we call fiduciary planning.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Our disciplined investment process combines the objectivity of a consultant with the agility and accountability of a discretionary manager. Our services include: 
  • Developing long-term fixed portfolio allocations to meet organizational goals and objectives
  • Overlaying tactical asset allocation to add returns and manage risk
  • Portfolio construction and ongoing management using a combination of passive investment ETFs and high-conviction active managers
  • Incorporating board preferences for Environmental, Social, Governance/Socially Responsible principles
  • Selectively including private investments based on analysis of time horizon and liquidity needs 

Fiduciary Planning

Our Fiduciary Partner advisors have over 20 years of experience serving nonprofits such as schools; hospitals; and religious, arts, and professional organizations.


We act as the personal partners of board members, and we provide continuous guidance to an organization even as board and committee composition changes. Topics include:
  • Spending modeling and capital-sufficiency testing
  • Board education
  • Governance issues
  • Nonprofit best practices
  • Uniform Prudent Investor Act and other fiduciary requirements
  • Investment Policy Statement creation

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