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Protecting Your Legacy: Holding Rental Property in an LLC

As part of our regular planning meetings, we include a review of personal assets such as private real estate to ensure these assets are managed in a way that supports our clients’ long-term financial goals. One area that often presents an opportunity to create better protection is with rental property.

Second Quarter 2017 Market Review

The second quarter proved to be another very strong period for global stock markets. First half 2017 stock performance was even stronger. Our portfolios are strongly benefiting from their overweight to foreign markets, specifically European and emerging-market stocks.

Second Quarter 2017 Investment Commentary

In this quarter’s commentary, we discuss the relative calmness of financial markets despite significant geopolitical uncertainty, the strong performance of both risky assets (stocks) and defensive assets (bonds), and recent market trends favoring our foreign stock investments.

Putting Bonds to Work in Our Client Portfolios

Flexible bond funds and floating-rate loan funds continue to make up over half of our clients’ fixed-income exposure. We anticipate their returns will far exceed those of core bonds, and recent portfolio performance has borne this out.

Hope and Luck Are Not Successful Investment Approaches

When markets are turbulent, particularly when stocks fall unexpectedly, resisting the urge to start looking for reasons to bail out of the market can be a tall order. If you have a sound investment process though, these are the times when you really need to stick with it.

Europe Is An Improving Story

Here are three reasons to stop discounting European stocks: green shoots, growing bottom lines, and good value.