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First Quarter 2018 Market Review

At the end of last year, by some measures U.S. stock market volatility was the lowest it had ever been in 90 years of market history. But volatility returned to the financial markets in the first quarter, for the first time in a while.

First Quarter 2018 Investment Commentary

The 10% market correction this year was short-lived, but it provided a reality check for equity investors. However, the U.S. economy and wider global economy still look solid in the near term. Looking ahead, we have positioned our portfolios for further volatility and likely lower equity returns as the markets ride out what is already a longer-than-usual economic cycle.

Five Actionable Tax-Planning Ideas For 2018

In the wake of Congress’s passage of the largest tax overhaul in three decades, we’d like to share some insights on potential tax-planning strategies, keeping in mind that the impacts will vary depending on your circumstances.

Market Turbulence and Central Bank Policy Shifts

Litman Gregory’s Chief Investment Officer Jeremy DeGroot shares his thoughts on the uncertainty of what will happen to the equity markets as the era of “easy money” ends, and he explains how economic indicators help identify where we are in the economic cycle.