Advice with Accountability

As the trustee of an endowment or foundation, you are tasked with an extraordinary responsibility to fund short-term needs while creating a financial cushion to support the institution through changing times. As your fiduciary partner, we help you navigate these complex and volatile markets, balancing capital preservation with long-term growth. Our collaborative approach combines the objectivity of a consultant with the agility and accountability of a discretionary manager.


Our relationship-driven service model ensures proactive attention and clear communication. With over 20 years of experience working with nonprofits, we can help you address a wide range of challenges, from investment policy creation to educating your board on investments and industry best practices.

Investment Experience and Risk Management

We believe your long-term interests are best served by making decisions based on careful research and a disciplined process. With over 30 years of strong risk-adjusted performance, our fundamentally driven approach seeks to balance our long-term outlook—and your goals—within a defined level of risk for each portfolio.

We have made a significant commitment to independent research. The cumulative insight of our dedicated in-house research team allows us allocate your investment assets by balancing the opportunities and risks in the current investment landscape based on a full spectrum of foreseeable outcomes. Each portfolio reflects the opportunities of the investment environment and is designed to best meet your organization’s investment goals.