Cyber Security: Our Focus on Protecting Clients

May 16, 2019

We live in a time of increased cyber fraud, with threats becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. To stay ahead of the threats and protect our clients, we determined that a systematic approach with the appropriate precautionary measures must be in place to manage the risks and create a risk-aware culture.

With this process in effect, we can be vigilant in our efforts to keep our clients’ information safe. To discuss more about this ongoing effort, Chief Operations Officer Jennifer Ceccarelli is interviewed in the video below, where she also explains how we have partnered with an experienced third-party technology-service provider to manage our full information technology program and oversee the protection of our systems.

Research has shown that the best defense against cyber risks are people.  Therefore, we keep our team educated on the risks and safeguards, so they can help our clients. In that regard, our client team may take additional steps to help keep you and your information safe, like calling you to verbally verify an instruction. We hope you will forgive us for these types of interruptions, knowing that they are in the interest of your safety and financial well-being.



Please reach out to your Litman Gregory Advisor if you have any questions about cyber security or the steps that we’re taking to protect your information.


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