Gretchen Hollstein Featured in Barron’s “How to Invest for a Post-COVID World”

September 23, 2020

Litman Gregory Senior Advisor and Principal Gretchen Hollstein, CFP® was recently highlighted in Barron’s article How to Invest for a Post-COVID World. In the article, a select group of investment professionals respond to how they are modifying clients’ portfolios given thoughts on the current environment and headwinds facing core bond returns and the traditional 60/40 stock/bond balanced portfolio. Those interviewed tended to agree that there are attractive opportunities to make portfolio shifts from growth to value stocks, U.S. to foreign equities, and from core bonds to other sources of income.

In her response, Gretchen mentions that Litman Gregory is “looking for more from fixed-income allocations than traditional holdings can provide.” She explains that much of our clients’ bond allocations have an absolute-return oriented focus. And, in addition to bonds, we use alternatives to help buffer portfolios to stock market volatility, including “managed futures trend-following strategies, which remained in positive territory earlier this year, when stock indexes cratered.”

Read the full story by Barron’s.


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